Trade agreement is a meeting of minds of various individuals, companies or parties related to importing or exporting of goods and products. Trade agreement template can be downloaded here. Trade agreement is a commercial document prepared by different companies or organization of the same country or different countries who agree on the terms and conditions of the trade among them. It is a most important business document that allows various individuals, parties and companies to establish trade relationship with each other. Major trade agreements may cause of creating job opportunities in different countries to come over the unemployment. Formats to prepare trade agreements are different for a variety of states and countries and companies need to follow standard formats to make trade agreements legal.

Trade agreement template:

Government agencies and organization often sign trade agreements with other governments to enhance the employment level of the country as well as to build up the reasonable position for the public of state or country. Trade agreement template is a super fine and suggested way to draw a trade agreement with all necessary details and features to make it legally enforceable by law. Lots of websites deal with trade agreement templates and provide free trade agreement templates to their readers and users to download for free. These trade agreement templates are easily editable after downloading and everyone can make changes in them to make personal.


One of the most used type of agreement is the one which involves sales in any way. Free Sales Agreement Template can be downloaded here. This directly relates to trade and hence essence of business all around the world. Sales agreement is very important for not only sellers but also for the customers. Use of agreement avoids any future conflicts and problems which may arise in future between or among the parties for any reason. This in fact helps in more coordination and cooperation among the engaging parties. Keeping the importance of sales agreement in our mind we have prepared this sales agreement template for you so that you can get started with your effort for making a good and comprehensive sales agreement for your own organization or business.

This sales agreement template is prepared in Microsoft Word and is in pure template format which means that you can modify or edit it according to your own particular requirement. Some points are very important in it and applies nearly to all the business concerned but there are also some points they vary from companies to companies and also with terms and conditions. We hope that you will like this sales agreement template.

Free Sales Agreement Template

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Sales Agreement Template

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Sales Agreement Template

We have discussed a lot of times earlier about the importance of agreements and contracts. Sample Construction Agreement Template is available for download. Now in this specific post we will discuss about construction agreements only. Construction could be for any building , office or property. This construction agreement template will help you in getting started with your own construction agreement with other party. It doesn’t matter if you are builder or you are the one who is using some building services this construction agreement template is for you and you can get an idea about a good professional level construction agreement easily. This template as like many other templates available on this site is prepared in Microsoft word and you can easily customize it according to your own particular requirement and needs. We hope that you will like and admire this agreement template very much.

Download Construction Agreement Template:

Construction Agreement Template

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Construction Agreement Template

Free Mutual Agreement Template is very useful. An agreement can be described as a legally enforceable promise or understanding between two or more parties to do something for a common objective whereas mutual agreement is a situation when two parties assume obligations to each other to do or not to do things. Most often a mutual agreement can be as simple as you and your partner agreeing to go for a walk. Mutual agreement is also a name of the participation of two people to complete or perform an agreed upon activity. We daily entered into mutual agreements to carry out various actions and procedures. Mutual agreements can be complicate enough when enters in the legal area and a particular condition must be there in a mutual agreement to make it standard and legally binding. This Mutual Agreement Template will be helpful.

Generally mutual agreements prepared and signed between individuals, parties and companies to enjoy mutual benefits and profits. Parties and companies under a mutual agreement share efforts and responsibilities as well as share profit & loss in similar manner. Mutual agreements enable companies and individuals to achieve mutual goals and outcomes by sharing all duties and responsibilities. IF you also want to make a business or personal deal with an individual or a company, don’t forget to write a mutual agreement before. Making of a mutual agreement is a best practice that can protect all involved parties from damages and losses while doing a business or deal.

As there is rent must for some business and private persons similarly tenancy agreement is a very must for everyone. This tenancy agreement template is included here so that you can work out the process for making your own agreement of this type. This agreement includes all the information related to tenancy and is equally important for tenants as well as for the landlords. Both parties will be happy if this tenancy agreement is perfect and there is no confusion in its understanding. This will save both parties from lot of conflicts in the future and as a a result their rental contract will stay a bit longer. This tenancy agreement template will help you a lot in getting started for this but remember this template is for reference and guidance purpose only so you are advised to make necessary changes for sure before finalizing it.

Download free Tenancy Agreement Template:

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Tenancy Agreement Template

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Tenancy Agreement Template

Separation agreement is used when two or parties separates their ways in running a business or company. This Separation Agreement Template can be downloaded here.  Partners join hands to produce bigger products and make bigger companies but they must first prepare a separation agreement so that if in future they ever have to part their ways then there should be no confusion or conflict at that time. If you are planning to prepare a professional level separation agreement then you must download and see our this separation agreement template free of cost. This will give you a nice idea about how this type of agreement is made and you can make necessary changes in it and can use it whatever you think suitable from this separation agreement template. We hope that by using this template you will be able to accomplish your task more efficiently and you don’t have to wander on internet for finding such agreements for reference and guidance.

Download Sample Separation Agreement Template:

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Separation Agreement Template

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Separation Agreement Template

Rental Agreement is signed before landlord allow tenants to live in his place for particular period of time. This rental agreement covers all the basics of rent rules and regulations. For example how much is the rent? whats is the period to pay rent? What tenants are allowed to do and what not? Penalties in case of violations, etc. So this rental agreement template we’ve added here will help you a lot in the getting started for making a good rental agreement. It nearly covers all the basics information for this but you are more than welcome to bring in necessary changes in it so that it could suit your particular specifications exactly. Remember a good agreement will save you a lot of troubles in the future and your contract will work more smoothly and will run a bit longer if there is no confusion or conflicts taking place. We hope that you will like this rental agreement template very much.

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Rental Agreement Template

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Rental Agreement Template

Contract agreement is one of the most used type of agreement in the world. Sometimes people are employed on contract basis and even if its not about employment there are lots of other ways in which contract is needed. Contracts could be for a rent or for a project or any of other assignment. Well what ever is the contract for problem is that you need to be very careful to avoid any future conflicts and problems. Slight confusion in contract agreement can become a big hurdle in the future and you will have to suffer for it. This contract agreement template is added here for your reference and guidance. Using this template you can get started with your efforts for making professional quality contract agreement for your company or individual purposes. All the basic information is added here in this reference but you are more than welcome to bring necessary changes in it to make it your very own. We hope that you will like our contract agreement template.

Download free Contract Agreement Template:

Contract Agreement Template

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Contract Agreement TemplateSoon we will be adding more relevant templates to this page. So keep coming back for more .

Sponsorship is required by nearly every business to run different program which they themselves can’t afford. Its a very good way for small business owners to take big decisions and start bigger projects which otherwise they can’t even think about to do. But as we know that confusion and conflicts may arise in future so its very much important to make a sponsorship agreement before accepting or sending sponsorship to any one. This sponsorship agreement will be very helpful in coordination and cooperation among the parties. This is the reason that we are adding here a sponsorship agreement template so that you can get started with your efforts to make a professional level sponsorship agreement. You can print this agreement in your company letterhead after making appropriate changes in it so that this agreement can get full authorization statues.

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Sponsorship Agreement Template

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Sponsorship Agreement Template

Prenuptial agreement is done prior to marriage or any other type of human contracts with each other. It is also a very important type of agreement and a great care is needed in order to make a flawless prenuptial agreement. We have added a prenuptial agreement template here for your reference and guidance purposes and we hope that this will solve your problems related to prenuptial agreement. This template includes all the necessary information needed in this regard however you are more than welcome to make necessary changes in it as per your own calculations and specific needs.

This prenuptial agreement template is created in Microsoft word format and you can edit it by downloading this template from this site. Download button is provided immediately below the snapshot of prenuptial agreement template.

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Prenuptial Agreement Template

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Prenuptial Agreement Template