Agreements are vital if you want to build a strong long living relationship with others who you are engaging with. Distribution is important part of any trade or business. If you have products and there is plenty of demand for it and there is no distribution system then it is of no use for you. Proper distribution is very much important if you want to coup the rising demands of your products and also if you are careful about the cost and price. A good distribution system can effectively reduce your prices. But it is very important to have a good distributor agreement for any distribution network. It can keep you out of lot of troubles in the future with customers and sellers as distributor works with both of the world. It will also help you organize your task more effectively by understand your rights and duties in deeper meanings.  To make your own distributor agreement you need to have a distributor agreement template so that you can get started with it. This template includes basic information needed in this regard however you are more than welcome to make changes in it according to your own particular requirement.

This distributor agreement template is free to use for private purposes only, You can not sell or distribute it on your own behalf with our prior permission. You can easily edit in Microsoft Word and make necessary changes. We hope that you will like this distributor agreement template very much.

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Distributor Agreement Template

Confidentiality is something which is very important when two or more parties are engaging in a deal. There are some terms and conditions which you don’t want public to know and that’s why its common practice to use confidentiality agreement with other party so that both parties can follow practice to not leak out sensitive information out of the system. If this Confidentiality Agreement Template is prepared carefully and each and every detail is included in it then there is no way that you should worry about secrecy of your information. If either of the parties violates any terms of this confidentiality agreement then the other party has full right take legal action against her.

We have added confidentiality agreement template for this purpose. This agreement will give you basic understanding about this type of contract and also how can you get started with it. This confidentiality agreement template is very good for reference and guidance and as it is in template format you can easily customize it to your very particular specifications.

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Confidentiality Agreement Template

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Confidentiality Agreement Template

Non Disclosure Agreement is signed between or among the parties for not disclosing secret information related to their deal. Terms and conditions are carefully written in this agreement which bound the parties to not violate this agreement and in case if they violate it then they will have to pay for this or will have to charge with some penalties also mentioned in the agreement. This is a very important type of agreement and great care is needed when you are going to create it. To help you get started with it you need to download this non disclosure agreement here completely free. This will give you a very good idea about how this type of agreements are written. You are advised to bring necessary changes in it to use it for your very own particular company or organization. You can also add further details of terms and conditions in it and can edit its content on your own will. This template is prepared in Microsoft Word format which is a very much popular software so you can easily edit it according to your requirement. We hope that you will like this template.


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What is a company without employees? In fact if you are doing all work by yourselves in the company then you can never become a big level company ever. Hiring employees for specific jobs is the best way to do lot of things quickly and effectively. Employees help your company accomplish some tasks which otherwise would have been impossible for you. Owners use employment agreement to manage human resource department very well. There are lots of issues which must be taken care before you hire new employees in your office. Some terms and conditions must be informed to the employees on the very first day of joining or may be before joining in the interview period. This employment agreement template will be extremely helpful in this regard as if you are planning to make an agreement for your employees. We hope you will like this template very much.

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Employment Agreement Template

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Employment Agreement Template

Leasing is an important part of property agreements and if you are into leasing something then you may need a lease agreement template for this purpose. This template will help you in getting started about how to make a useful agreement for leasing. There are some points which you must include into it to avoid future conflicts and problems. A small point missed in your agreement may become a huge mistake in the future and either of the parties could get a lot of benefit from it. So its important that you take time and think about all the possibilites before you go ahead with the agreement

Lease agreement are used when you have not enough money to purchase some property or item and then you use leasing in a way of paying in parts. Its actually benefit for both parties involved. Paying person gets the luxury of time to pay in parts over years and the receiving person gets high price as compared to price he/she will get in case of instant payment. So its most commonly used agreement in the business and private field. Here we are providing you with a sample lease agreement template which you can use for your various purposes involving lease. We hope that you will like this agreement. You can download this by following the download button immediately afterwards.


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Lending of money to a friend, family member or to a colleague is best thing but it is also very important to note down the transaction in written to protect both parties from any kind of damages and loss. Payment agreement is an excellent written instrument that can be used to spell out the all terms and conditions of a loan payment in details. Presence of a well made payment agreement eliminates any upcoming confusion and problem regarding loan payment. A payment agreement is an excellent tool for you as lender that can be presented in court as written evidence if the payee doesn’t repay you the amount of loan according to the stated terms and conditions in it.

Payment agreement is a best thing for both lender and borrower that is why you need to prepare a payment agreement before lending of borrowing of loan or money from an individual, company or any other financial institute. Payment agreements can be used for variety of reasons in personal and professional life. A payment agreement should be detailed and concise to avoid any confusion or mistake. An individual can get help from payment agreement templates who may need to write a payment agreement but don’t know about how to write it in a best way with all required details. Use of well designed payment agreement template educates the users to design perfect payment agreement in orderly and professional manner.


Loan agreement is very much vital in agreements. It doesn’t matter if its for business use or for personal use it is equally important in either cases. There are many problems which may arise in the future because of low value and incomplete loan agreement. There are specific terms and conditions which must be met well in order to avoid any future conflicts between the parties. We have added here a sample loan agreement template here for this purpose. This template will give you overall details of a good loan agreement and you can get a very good start by using this.

Loans are important part of our life now as at one place or another in our life we have to deal with this for various purposes. This is not liked by many as everyone wants to be free of loans but sometimes situation force us to take step to move ahead in the direction of taking loan. We are hopeful that this loan agreement template will help you alot in this purpose. Please make sure to triple check each and every details included in it and especially don’t make any mistake related to figures as it can cause you serious damage in the end.

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Loan Agreement Template

Loan Agreement Template

Consignment is vital part of trade and distribution. Consignments are sent for delivery of products in proper manner. This is a very good way to keep track of what is being sent and when or how it was sent. This could be of a lot of help if you are receiving complaints or any other issue with consignments being sent. This consignment agreement template will be a lot of help in this regard so that you can avoid any future conflicts related to consignments. All the terms and conditions of consignment can be effectively managed here easily so that there is no confusion among the parties. You can get a very good start in your consignment agreement if you start with this prepared consignment agreement template. We hope that it will be useful for you.

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Consignment Agreement Template

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Consignment Agreement Template

Bill of sale agreement is a written document to attests the transfer of ownership rights from one party (seller) to another (buyer). Bill of sale agreement is a beneficial document for both parties involved in sale or purchase of goods while transferring the ownership of variety of things like house, property, car or any other thing. It is a written evidence to show that the buyer has now ownership of particular type of property of goods as well as to provide details and information about what was exactly purchased by the customer. Bill of sale agreement can be an important element of a sale or purchase agreement to show the details of current owner of the property or goods.

Bill of sale is a written instrument that evidences the transfer of ownership from one party to another and specified sum of money has been paid by the buyer for particular goods or any sort of property. Bill of sale agreement also releases the seller of goods or property from liability and protects both involved parties from any dispute and misunderstanding in future. Writing of a bill of sale agreement can be complex task for an unfamiliar person because it may require technical writing skills and complete information about the transaction, hence variety of different useful bill of sale agreement templates and samples are obtainable on internet for this purpose.


An agreement can be describe as an understanding accepted by all involved parties to a particular purpose, goal or objective. We all daily entered into agreements to complete a wide range of jobs, tasks and duties for personal and professional purposes. Some people prepare agreement before making business and personal deals to make them legal that can be enforceable by law when needed. Confirmation of agreement is a document prepared and issued by a company, business or organization to verify an agreement of sale or purchase with customers and client. A company or business may need to write a confirmation of agreement after making of a purchase agreement to notify the customer about delivery of goods or services.

Most often companies and organizations use their own formats to draw confirmation of agreement hence there is no standard format to prepare confirmation of agreement. Confirmation of agreement templates are accessible on internet that any individual, company business or organization can use to write faultless confirmation of agreement for personal or business use. Confirmation of agreement is just like a ready to use document that a user can edit and customize as per needs and requirements to design error free confirmation of agreement. There is a large number of websites that offer to utilize their free confirmation of agreement templates after downloading.