Bill of sale agreement is a written document to attests the transfer of ownership rights from one party (seller) to another (buyer). Bill of sale agreement is a beneficial document for both parties involved in sale or purchase of goods while transferring the ownership of variety of things like house, property, car or any other thing. It is a written evidence to show that the buyer has now ownership of particular type of property of goods as well as to provide details and information about what was exactly purchased by the customer. Bill of sale agreement can be an important element of a sale or purchase agreement to show the details of current owner of the property or goods.

Bill of sale is a written instrument that evidences the transfer of ownership from one party to another and specified sum of money has been paid by the buyer for particular goods or any sort of property. Bill of sale agreement also releases the seller of goods or property from liability and protects both involved parties from any dispute and misunderstanding in future. Writing of a bill of sale agreement can be complex task for an unfamiliar person because it may require technical writing skills and complete information about the transaction, hence variety of different useful bill of sale agreement templates and samples are obtainable on internet for this purpose.


Consignment is vital part of trade and distribution. Consignments are sent for delivery of products in proper manner. This is a very good way to keep track of what is being sent and when or how it was sent. This could be of a lot of help if you are receiving complaints or any other issue with consignments being sent. This consignment agreement template will be a lot of help in this regard so that you can avoid any future conflicts related to consignments. All the terms and conditions of consignment can be effectively managed here easily so that there is no confusion among the parties. You can get a very good start in your consignment agreement if you start with this prepared consignment agreement template. We hope that it will be useful for you.

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Consignment Agreement Template

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Consignment Agreement Template

Service Agreement is one of the most used agreements in the commercial business life. If you are into some serious business then you will have to hire quality services from different service provider of any type. Similarly you can also provide others with service and can get good money for this. But whats the problem in all this is that there may be some sort of miss understanding on the level of service or cost for it . So its important that before you provide your services to any one or hire services from any one its good to make a service agreement and get it signed with the other party or at least make it available for other party to see it. This will save you from a lot of troubles in the future and period of service will also increase a bit longer as there will be no conflicts so both parties will be happy. This is why that we have added a service agreement template here for your reference and guidance. This service agreement template will help you get started in your efforts to make a professional level agreement for your company or organization or even on individual basis. We hope that you will like this template.

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Service Agreement Template

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Service Agreement Template

Here is a Software License Agreement template added to help you in getting started for this. There are some very important issues that must be discussed well before making any Software License Agreement template. This template is prepared in Microsoft word format and you can download it by clicking on the download button immediately below the snapshot of this Software License Agreement template. Its not perfect template and you are more than welcome to make necessary changes in it so that it can suit your company or organization very well.

Software is an electronic product which can not be touched by hand so it becomes very difficult for anyone to save its rights. It can be downloaded or transferred from one part of the world to other in fractions of minutes and therefore importance of Software License Agreement becomes more and more vital and important. Every software company must use these type agreements while selling their products to the customers.

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Software License Agreement Template

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Software License Agreement Template

Partnership agreement template is added here for making your partnership agreements very professional and useful. This template will get you started with this and you will get to know little know how about how  a good partnership agreement is prepared. This particular template include all the basic information for this purpose but you are advised to make necessary changes in it before you go ahead finalizing it. Partnership agreement template is prepared on Microsoft Word format so that you everyone can use it and edit as the Microsoft Word is widely used word processing application. Everything in this agreement template can be edited easily and you can customize to fit perfectly for your specific conditions.

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Partnership Agreement Template

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Partnership Agreement Template

An agreement can be describe as an understanding accepted by all involved parties to a particular purpose, goal or objective. We all daily entered into agreements to complete a wide range of jobs, tasks and duties for personal and professional purposes. Some people prepare agreement before making business and personal deals to make them legal that can be enforceable by law when needed. Confirmation of agreement is a document prepared and issued by a company, business or organization to verify an agreement of sale or purchase with customers and client. A company or business may need to write a confirmation of agreement after making of a purchase agreement to notify the customer about delivery of goods or services.

Most often companies and organizations use their own formats to draw confirmation of agreement hence there is no standard format to prepare confirmation of agreement. Confirmation of agreement templates are accessible on internet that any individual, company business or organization can use to write faultless confirmation of agreement for personal or business use. Confirmation of agreement is just like a ready to use document that a user can edit and customize as per needs and requirements to design error free confirmation of agreement. There is a large number of websites that offer to utilize their free confirmation of agreement templates after downloading.


Service level agreement template is added here to help you in making professional level agreement. If you are using service from another company or providing service to someone else then you must write in black and white what level of service you will be providing or receiving. Sometimes many conflicts arise on the issue of level of service. What is covered in this deal and what is not? This must be well written in your service level agreement and  for your reference and guidance we have added this service level agreement template for this purpose. This is prepared in Microsoft word format and can be easily edited without any problem. You can change text making it more specific to you and your company. You can also make necessary changes in the terms and conditions so that you will remain trouble free in the future on this matter.

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Service Level Agreement Template

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Service Level Agreement Template

Download free Purchase Agreement Template. We do purchase a lot of products and similarly companies and developers also make products so that other persons can buy these products from them. This is very simple process but sometimes involves lot of confusion and conflicts in it. What are the terms and conditions of these sales and purchases, what is covered in guarantee and what is not? What is the procedure or terms for purchased products if the customer want to return them and want full refund? Similarly there are lot of problem which can be solved if you can make a good purchase agreement for your company and inform the customers before they plan to buy anything from your company or shop. This is the reason that we have added a purchase agreement template here for the reference and guidance purpose. This will help a lot in creating your own purchase agreement very well and you will get started with very little effort. You just have to make necessary changes in it to making it your very own and specific.

Sample Purchase Agreement Template:

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Purchase Agreement Template

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Purchase Agreement Template

Training agreements are documents normally prepared by two parties (Trainer & Trainee) before starting of a proper training program, session or course. Whether someone is currently studying or a recent graduate, he/she may need professional training to work as an employee in a company to accomplish variety of tasks and functions. Large number of companies and organizations also organize different training programs and sessions for their new and existing employees to make aware them about systems and procedures of the company or organizations to enhance work efficiency and progress of the company. A training agreement may be drafted by an employer or company at the time of hiring new employees.

In general, training agreement is mainly a document that spells out the nature of someone’s internship or placement in a company, business or organization. Training agreement is a professional tool to indicate the basic rights and responsibilities of involved parties in agreement. Training agreements can be used by training centers, businesses, companies and organizations to provide training services in a best and effective manner to the students and employees. If you wish to prepare a training agreement for your company or business as a fresh person, you need to get assistance from a training agreement template to do so. A well made training agreement template is a handy document that enables everyone even unfamiliar to design elegant training agreement with ease.


Trade agreement is a meeting of minds of various individuals, companies or parties related to importing or exporting of goods and products. Trade agreement template can be downloaded here. Trade agreement is a commercial document prepared by different companies or organization of the same country or different countries who agree on the terms and conditions of the trade among them. It is a most important business document that allows various individuals, parties and companies to establish trade relationship with each other. Major trade agreements may cause of creating job opportunities in different countries to come over the unemployment. Formats to prepare trade agreements are different for a variety of states and countries and companies need to follow standard formats to make trade agreements legal.

Trade agreement template:

Government agencies and organization often sign trade agreements with other governments to enhance the employment level of the country as well as to build up the reasonable position for the public of state or country. Trade agreement template is a super fine and suggested way to draw a trade agreement with all necessary details and features to make it legally enforceable by law. Lots of websites deal with trade agreement templates and provide free trade agreement templates to their readers and users to download for free. These trade agreement templates are easily editable after downloading and everyone can make changes in them to make personal.